Plant List - Milling

XYZ 560 Mini Mill

Modular workholding and siemens shopmill in this machining centre makes it ideal for low to medium volume quantites, even 1 offs!


12000 RPM spindle, sequential 4th Axis with the new seimens 828D shop mill control makes this a versatile machining centre for all sorts of milling production.

Dugard 760E

11000 RPM Spindle, graphic simulation and a reliable machine for all quantities of work.


1060 x 610 x 620mm travel, 12000 RPM spindle with 43 metre rapids, this machine has a massive microloc sub plate fitted so we can have lots of modular vices to hold lots of components per cycle – ideal for higher volumes!

Cincinnati Arrow 1000 VMC

Great all round machine with large travels and a heidenhain control ideal for 3D work.

Dugard Eagle 1000 VMC

Reliable and accurate work horse with a good capacity for milling jobs.

Dugard V20

5 axis/5 face high speed vertical machining centre with the ability to machine complicated, multi sided parts accurately.

Plant List -Turning

Samsung PL2000SY

Heavy-duty, ultra precision turning centre with twin spindles and Y-axis milling combined with samsungs advanced technical features.

Dugard MF500 Lathe

Multi function CNC lathe with siemens 828 shopturn, fully automatic tool changing, fast precision machining ideal for lower quantities.

Citizen 7 Axis A32-VIIPL CNC Sliding Headstock Turning Centre

Brand New Citizen 7 Axis A32-VIIPL – the World’s fastest 32mm Sliding head machine. This machine is equipped with 7 axes, 6 turning tools, 22 rotary tools for milling/drilling/tapping etc, giving a total of 28 tools allowing great flexibility. This machine is magnificent for production batches of Milled/Turned Components.